#OutreachAllStars – Meet Trevor Lanz, MSN, RN

#OutreachAllStars – Meet Trevor Lanz, MSN, RN

Trevor Lanz, RN, MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, General Medicine, is a valued member of Valley Medical Center’s community outreach volunteer team. In his six years at Valley, Trevor has provided nursing care in both Neurology and the Emergency Department, completed his Master’s Degree in Nursing at UW Tacoma, spent many weekends delivering medical care to the community at the Rotacare Free Clinic, and has volunteered at dozens of Valley-sponsored outreach events.

When asked why he volunteers, Trevor keeps his answer simple, “I just think we should help other people.” Trevor is doing just that, along with encouraging other nurses and staff to come out to volunteer at community events. His team approach to caring for patients and the community is a great example of the generous, compassionate culture here at Valley Medical Center.

In his spare time, Trevor is an avid hiker. He is currently training for his next adventure coming up in May 2017: He will be packing up and flying out to Kathmandu, Nepal to take part in an expedition hike to base camp at Mt. Everest! We are wishing him happy trails and safe traveling on this next great adventure!

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