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Who Should Consider High Risk Cancer Screening and Genetic Testing?

Only a fraction of women and men are aware that their family history of cancer increases their own risk for cancer. Even fewer realize high risk screening is available to help them prevent cancer or find cancer when it is small and easiest to treat. It is estimated that 10 percent of people have a hereditary risk for cancer. This means a person was...


Breastfeeding and Pumping Issues? Physical Therapy Can Help!

When we think about the available options for breastfeeding support, a few professionals immediately come to mind: lactation consultants, midwives and physicians. One specialty that you may have not considered is the physical therapist! Valley's Rehabilitation Department and Lactation Consultants recently partnered to provide evidence-based physica...

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Webinar: Understanding and Treating Bladder Control Problems with Dr. Susan Dong, MD

If you often need to “go” right away or leak urine (pee) accidentally during normal activities, you may have a bladder control problem. Bladder control problems affect the way a person holds or releases pee and are also known as urinary incontinence (UI). The video below is a recording from Dr. Dong's March 27, 2019 webinar. https://www.youtube.com...