Valley Eats – Green Smoothies

Valley Eats – Green Smoothies

This cool and refreshing smoothie is a great treat on a sunny spring day!

Step 1: Liquid
1 cup unsweetened soy/almond milk or coconut water

Step 2: Greens
1 – 2 handfuls baby kale, spinach, bok choy, Swiss chard

Step 3: Frozen fruit
1/2 cup

Step 4: Creamy fruit
1 banana or avocado

Step 5: Healthy fat
2 tablespoons nuts or nut butters, seeds, flax oil

Serves 2, 1 serving using 1/2 cup fruit, banana, almond milk: 150 calories, 25 grams carbs, 6 grams fat, 5 grams protein (nutrition content will vary based on ingredients)

Spinach and Swiss chard are the most mild tasting greens. Baby kale is more mild than mature kale.

Frozen fruit will make smoothie thicker and replace need for ice.

This recipe is part of a collection assembled by Valley’s Diabetes Education & Nutrition Clinic. The recipes were gathered and inspired from a variety of healthy eating websites. See cookbook for a list of website resources.

Pictured: Stock image of a green smoothie

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