Diet Dilemma? Valley’s Dietitian Team Offers Personalized Nutrition Guidance

Diet Dilemma? Valley’s Dietitian Team Offers Personalized Nutrition Guidance

If you’re looking to make changes to your eating habits and can use a helping hand, Valley’s team of registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators are here to help! In recognition of National Nutrition Month, the team shares why working with a dietitian may be right for you.

Why did you become a dietitian?
Naeima Santana: “I have always been fascinated with using food to treat or manage health conditions. I also knew that I wanted to help people, so becoming a dietitian has allowed me to do that through food.

Pictured (left to right): Tiffany Lum, Katelan Halgren, Alexis Mettler, Mary Walton, and Naeima Santana. All are Registered Dietitians as well as Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists.

What can working with a dietitian do for me?
Naeima Santana: “Working with a dietitian can help you change your eating habits, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle, and manage chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease. Our visits take on so many directions depending upon what’s most wanted by each person.

Mary Walton: “Most of my patients say that they were surprised at how much better they feel after making reasonable changes to their lifestyle habits. They usually state improved energy, increased hope, increased satisfaction with food, and fewer cravings as unexpected benefits of working with me; alongside the expected benefits of lower cholesterol, less inflammation, lower blood sugar, and desired weight changes.”

Who should see a dietitian?
Mary Walton: “Anyone can benefit from seeing a dietitian! Common reasons people come to see us are for weight management, diabetes, prediabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. Some other reasons people might benefit from working with a dietitian include:

  • They are seeking improvement or maintenance of their health;
  • They are feeling confused by conflicting diet advice or information overload leading to lack of action;
  • They are seeking time to focus on their own needs/desires and goals around health and nutrition;
  • They are seeking support and accountability while making positive lifestyle changes;
  • They would like to explore their relationship with food and self-care.

If I could share just one valuable piece of nutrition guidance, what would it be?
Naeima Santana: “Practicing mindfulness and focusing on your individual nutritional needs and goals can take you much farther long term for overall health and weight management than any other diet trends out there.”

Learn more about the dietitian services offered at Valley’s Lifestyle Medicine clinics.

Story by Courtney McCliment, Manager, Lifestyle Medicine

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