Robotic Total Knee Replacement

Traditional total joint replacement surgery is one of the most reliable and cost-effective surgical procedures in modern medicine. It has improved dramatically over the years, with smaller incisions, reduced recovery time and better outcomes.

In 2021, Valley has gained the distinction of being the first hospital in the U.S. to install the VELYS Robotic-Assisted Solution, an innovative, new tool for surgeons performing total knee replacement. William Barrett, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and Medical Director of Valley’s Joint Center explains, “Over 20 years ago we started Washington’s first Joint Center right here at Valley with the goal of improving care for patients who need total joint replacement. This is an exciting next step in that journey to innovate care even further.”

VELYS is particularly advanced in its ability to help surgeons precisely plan surgery tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy. It allows the surgical team to more accurately visualize and predict joint stability for the patient’s natural frame with the ultimate goal of providing the best fit possible for enhanced patient outcomes.

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